Fringe cinema Independent film, came to Fringe

  • Description

    The Fringe cinema, designed for interaction with independent film creators,
    Let's get out of the formal theater and talk about the movie comfortably.
    It also gives the director and audience time to communicate freely and ask questions about the work without pressure.
    The doors of the Fringe Theater are wide open!

    #1. 15 (neck) 15:00
    Sohee's Fashion / Lee Eun-gyu
    Fool-Mentire / Cha Jun-ho

    #2 15 (neck) 16:30
    a terrible day / Kim Choong-nyeong
    The trace. Kim Choong-nyeong.

    #3 15 (neck) 20:00
    When I'm thirsty. / The National Guard
    the space established by the National Bureau of the Republic of Korea
    No one knows. / Oh Soo-yeon.

    #4 15 (neck) 21:30
    In front of the cliff / Um Mi Kyung
    ○ `Su Jung-bin` Seo Jung Bin

    #5 16 (gold) 20:30
    Woodenman / Lim Hyung Sub
    Alley Road / Oh Soo-yeon
    Sociopath / Jung Yoon Hyuk

    #6 17 (Saturday) 15:00
    a letter from the water
    Lee Hong Do, who made an emergency landing on the chicken planet, is satisfied with the present.

    #7 17 (Saturday) 16:30
    raw sneeze / Choi Young Woo
    My universe. / Ahn So-yeon.
    Suddenly, to a friend. / Huh Na-young.