Plus Ultra Amphibian & Buddies

  • Running Time :25분
  • Rated :All Ages Admitted
  • Description

    Light is a 'reflection'. Reflected light becomes 'images(phenomena)'. Seeing the images.
    'my eyes' becomes a 'perspective.' The perspective becomes a 'recognition.‘
    We see, and recognize something.
    Any light or color is not credible in terms of perception.
    A of heterogeneity, such as male and female, emits diverse rays of light created by each individual in a different direction each individual is bound to their own social, financial background.
    The sets of light will disperse further and further in many ways.

    It is needed to 'shed new light' on these dispersed lights. Each ray of light validates and explains the existence of one another however, can the lights created by each individual reflect the individual perfectly?

  • Group

    The first start was a group of dancing creations, making it an acronym for honest discussions.
    Jinto started as a street performance group in 2013 to try to communicate with people as performers.
    Through the performances of Chuncheon, Miryang, Murae, Ilsan, Yeouido, etc., I felt uncomfortable and difficult eyesight.
    And we watched various events such as the situation that we have experienced in our social life and the world (domestic).
    I think that the problem of the current society is lack of love for people and people, and decided the direction of work through the theme of 'humanity'.
    Also, the name of the group has changed to "amphibians and friends" so that the audience can approach easily.

  • Performer & Staff

    Dancer / Jung chan il
    Dancer / Cho kyoung chul