Gender Transition Project XXY

  • Running Time :20분
  • Rated :All Ages Admitted
  • Description

    There are big coordinates on the space the X-coordinate is gender identity, and the Y-coordinate is sexual orientation. On both ends of the X are the words "Man" and "Woman", and on both ends of the Y are “Sexual attraction to Men” and “Sexual attraction to Women”
    Our questions start from here. "Where is your position?"
    We make performers’ body as sexlessness hiding the length of hair as a hat and putting on basic make-up. The chest is also covered with a compression bandage and a long skirt is worn for hide men’s genitals.
    The performers who cover all these gender expressions are placed on the coordinates of gender identity and sexual orientation. Whenever a performer moves around a quadrant, the body and sound, two or more relationships will change. Ultimately, our bodies become open bodies that can vary depending on where they are located. In addition, this coordinate space can be a question that audiences can check their position again or throw it into question.
    There are many restrooms in Sang-am World Cup stadium. Restrooms divided into man and woman stereotypes. In addition, there are many places where gender discrimination is dissolved. We are constantly trying to overthrow the spaces in which gender discrimination is dissolved, beyond positioning our bodies on coordinates. We hope this overthrow can be an interesting question to the audience.

  • Group

    Who am I. Where does my identity start? Here are the people who started to think about their gender identity. People who have never doubted their identity, people who have started their consideration these days, and people who have acquired the language of a new identity have gathered together to open up all suspicions and thoughts. We want to talk about the identity that can not be distinguished as heterosexual, homosexuals simply by accumulating the hours of these thoughts.

  • Performer & Staff

    Director / Ji Eun Kim
    Dramaturg / Haen Nim Pyo
    Manager / Da Eun SimLee
    Manager / Ye jin Park
    Designer / Na Eun Kim
    Designer / Jeon Yi Kang
    Designer / Yu Jin Kwak
    Designer / Won Tak Lee
    Actor / Hyo Min Sim
    Actor / Se Il Ryu
    Choreography / Ji Hyun Park
    Composer / Kyoung Yin Jeong